Church of the Good Shepherd – Norwalk, CT


  • Greater Glory 6.23.2013

  • The Church of Second Chances

    Dr. Dan Fleming (COGS Member) digs into the interplay between the “jubilee” command of Deuteronomy 15, the “forgive” clause of the Lord’s prayer and what difference that makes to the person who shows up at church that no one has any use for.  

  • Uninvited Faith – 6.9.2013 – Luke 7:11-17

    Although God is always pleased with our faith, his action toward us is not dependent upon it. And that’s good news.

  • Signs of New Life Misseo Dei~Reboot~ Week 4 5/26/2013

    When the first followers of Christ became the church what were the first signs this had happened? The series ends examining the last 7 verses of Acts 4.

  • Misseo Dei.Reboot.Week 1. “Witnesses”

    Before jumping back into the book of Acts, a foundation is laid through Acts 1 and the story of an afternoon encounter between Jesus and a woman no one wanted to know. We stop to notice Jesus’ posture.

  • Which Way Are You Turning?

    Generous Life= Good Life Week 4 The series finale examines our lives as a series of turns using Luke 10 as a springboard. Includes spontaneous live drama from Pastor Kevin and four from the congregation!

  • What’s Your Good Life?

    Logan Gentry explores human flourishing through the lens of the Acts 2 church. Week 3 of our Generous Life=Good Life series.

  • “Because”- I Chronicles 29:10-20

    The second message in the Generous Life = Good Life series explores why we are generous and something about ownership.

  • More Than You’re Able

    First sermon in our “Generous Life” series

  • Emptied by Addition

    If you already feel like you have nothing left to give, how will you react to a spiritual example that encourages you to empty yourself out? Maybe you’ll just want to agree to disagree with God and His Word? This message takes a look at Paul’s famous Kenosis passage.

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